Community Guidelines

The Community

The community at Pixapp are what drives us in essence. We value each and every member and thus, are vigilant of the safety and positive wellbeing of our global community. As a community member, it is important to respect others within the community to ensure the secured environment that we strive to flourish and maintain.

Pixapp is commited in keeping the community safe and protected at all times— which include policing user behavior and content uploads to adhere to the community guidelines.

Community Guidelines

1. Respect other members and their works within the Pixapp community

As an international art marketplace, it is only natural that our global community include members of diverse backgrounds and cultures. Art is subjective and true art lovers will acknowledge the saying "Art is Everywhere". Please respect other members' content and designs on the app. Bullying, harrassing, insulting or verbally abusing other members with any derogatory comments are unacceptable actions that may cause the perpetrator's account to be banned on Pixapp.

However, visual content that clearly do not fit into the relevance of an art community; such as personal photographs including 'selfies' or any other intimate images that contain full nudity, harm, inappropriateness, unlawfulness or discrimination may be taken down or the user may even be banned without warning or ability to repeal.

If you encounter any of the above on Pixapp, please report the user's profile by flagging that profile from the top right of the person's profile page.

2. Be original - DO NOT infringe copyrighted content, use stolen intellectual property or impersonate an identity

Intellectual property rights and copyrighted content are important to us. Infringing copyrighted content or uploading stolen intellectual property of others' are violations of law and may be penalised if found intentional or guilty.

The definition of Intellectual Property are creative inventions; literary and artistic works; symbols, names and/or images used in commerce.

The definition of Copyrighted content is content that is legally owned by another entity, persons or brand. Copyright is the lawful right created by the law of a country that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights for usage and distribution.

3. Keep your content G-rated

Please keep your content General-friendly and suitable for all audiences including children. Mature content, pornography, nudity, explicit, vulgar, abusive or hateful visual content will not be tolerated and will be removed at our discretion. Pixapp also reserves the right to ban and remove any related accounts by the perpetrators without warning or ability to repeal.

As a global community, we do not tolerate any form of discrimnation, hate speech, racism, ethnocentrism, superiority, gender bias or any other related behavior and will ban associated users at our discretion.

4. Strictly NO spams

Nobody likes spams. Not even you! To create a safe community, we take spams very seriously and do not tolerate spammers of any sort. These are the guidelines that we define for spam content:

  • No multiple listings of the exact same design or visuals regardless of different categories.
  • No promoting or listing anything that advertises or promotes other services regardless of design, description or content.
  • No keyword spamming and listing irrelevant terms or adding irrelevant hashtags in Description.
  • No irrelevant repetitive flagging or mass flagging of other listings.
  • No spamming of repetitive comments on other listings.
  • No compulsively “following” or unfollowing other users within a short span of time
  • No self-promotion of any external platform or services via commenting.
  • No posting multiple listings of personal images, ie. selfies, etc. We think you look great but unfortunately, our community members only want to see your creative works instead.

5. Be real and keep it real

Let's keep it real and honest at all times to ensure a safe community. A picture tells a thousand words. Keep it simple or tell an engaging story. There's always an interesting story to every artwork or intellectual product of your creative mind. An engaging description or story are proven to increase viewership, likeability and interaction on social platforms. By keeping it real, we mean -

  • Do not impersonate another person's identity
  • Do not intentionally describe your design or listings inaccurately with irrelevant, untrue, misleading or inappropriate terms.
  • Do not excessively use irrelevant hashtags.

To respect our agreement with the community, by using Pixapp, you therefore agree to abide to our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. As a responsible member of Pixapp's community...

I will:

  • respect, adhere to and follow Pixapp's Community Guidelines at all times
  • respect all members within the global community regardless of all else
  • assist Pixapp and do my part as a community member to report inappropriate behavior or violation of the terms above

I will not:

  • upload or use any Intellectual Property or infringe any Copyrighted content of others without written authorisation and content by the respective Owner
  • steal or infringe any copyrighted content by members of Pixapp's community
  • impersonate any person's identity on the App
  • engage in fraud or conduct any fraudulent behavior or activities on the App
  • intentionally open multiple accounts on the App for any reason

If you find that you have trouble adhering to our Community Guidelines, feel free to write in to us at with your suggestion or feedback. Your experience and understanding are vital to us and we would love to hear your thoughts.

Termination & Suspension Policy

Pixapp is authorised to remove or ban any content or profiles without prior notice at our discretion at all times.

Major violations of Pixapp's Community Guidelines may result in an immediate ban without repeal.

Minor violations may be result in suspension on the first offense and banned shall the user repeat the violation.

Examples of major violations include but are not limited to;

  • Stealing other members' copyrighted content without proper authorisation for any reason
  • Repeatedly posting illegal content including stolen IP by third parties without proper authorisation by the owner
  • Promoting third party platforms or businesses on the App
  • Repeatedly posting irrelevant and/or inappropriate content

Examples of minor violations include but are not limited to;

  • Posting several 'selfies' for self promotion
  • Extensive usage of irrelevant hashtags in design description
  • Leaving harmful or offensive comments on others' listings

If a Seller's work does not meet Pixapp's quality standards or is found to violate our Terms and Community Guidelines, the account may be put on hold for further review or banned. Pixapp reserves the right to remove, suspend or ban any content or profile as seen fit.

You can play a part in building the first community of its kind and help to keep the artist community genuine and safe.

Pixapp empowers the art community by building the first social art-sharing app with specialised international art marketplace of artists FOR artists. But we can't do it without you.

Help us keep the community safe by reporting or flagging anything that do not adhere to our Community Guidelines. All reports are reviewed by the team and we carefully look into all cases to ensure we standby our values to empowering the artist community.

If you encounter an issue that is out of the norm, have any suggestions or simply want to share your thoughts with us.

Not convinced? Tell us why and how we can help enhance your experience. Write to us via email at

Disclaimer: Using Pixapp means you subject to our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Pixapp reserves the right to review or modify our Terms and Community Guidelines without prior notice.

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